Improve your team’s culture

How well do you know what your team really thinks and feels?

We-Q is a simple, anonymous and powerful team diagnostic app. Backed by the latest research, it rapidly measures and displays 20 key indices of team behavior and effectiveness. 

It raises the team’s awareness of what’s working well and what isn’t. We-Q  enables you to lead the key conversations needed to improve effectiveness and wellbeing.

Our helpful report and guides ensure the emphasis is on actionable results and constructive behaviour change.

We-Q provides you with everything you need to develop your team’s culture with confidence.

How Does It Work?

Insight and Action

We-Q is based on the world’s best research into optimal team culture including Google’s project Aristotle.

The anonymous and confidential team diagnostic asks 20 simple questions answered numerically covering:

  • Team well being and psychological safety. What we call ‘Being Fully Myself’
  • Team Behaviours
  • Team Productivity 
  • Alignment to Purpose

The data is displayed graphically, and instantly supports the team in focusing on the positive changes needed on the things that matter.

We-Q makes the invisible visible. What we can see, we can change!

Plug and Play

We’ve made things simple, usable and comprehensive.

With We-Q, you’ll have all that you need for an effective team development session.

Our complete package includes:

  • A Handbook with a facilitation guide along with useful hints and coaching suggestions.
  • A full team online survey completed in 5 minutes for up to 20 team members.
  • A full report emailed to you on completion highlighting the key results. Check out an example report here

No expensive contracts, no training, no accreditation. Simply pay for a session and receive everything you need.

Connected teams perform better

High performing teams invest time to focus on how effective and healthy their team culture is.

The We-Q team diagnostic tool and process supports you to do just that. Completed by the whole team anonymously, the 20 numerical survey questions cover all the key dynamics. We-Q provides a simple way for your team to connect around shared data and insights into what’s working well and what needs improvement.

We guide you to facilitate a great team development meetings grounded in clear data

We-Q is very flexible and connects  teams from a minimum of three up to 20, whether dispersed or face to face.