Instant team diagnosis

We-Q is an instant and anonymous team culture diagnostic completed by team members.

The tool maximises your coaching skills by making the invisible dynamics in the team visible to focus on what really matters.

The design is drawn from research by leading thinkers on teams including Lencioni, Laloux and Google’s Project Aristotle.  Check out our research paper here.

The rich data is graphically represented by 20 questions in the 4 key areas of team effectiveness and well-being.

Everything required to run a We-Q session is included within the package including guidance and coaching tips.

How Does It Work?

Fast actionable results

We-Q’s speed and insight enables you to add maximum value in your team coaching and facilitation sessions.

Taking just 5 minutes to complete the We-Q diagnostic survey gives you immediate access to rich data. 

We highlight the highs, lows and alignment of what is and isn’t working, enabling you to rapidly focus on the actions required.

Our comprehensive guide includes coaching tips to equip you to run a productive session.   

Full report & more

We-Q has been designed by and for coaches to make team facilitation easy.

The comprehensive package includes:

  • Access to our unique Team diagnostic survey for up to 20 people
  • A full report emailed directly to you, highlighting the key insights. Check out an example report here

The We-Q Handbook includes comprehensive detail on the We-Q process plus coaching tips and how to get the most from the data.

No  accreditation needed

We’ve listened to what you want from a team diagnostic and expensive training, accreditation and complex contracts were not on the list.

We make team coaching accessible to more coaches by keeping things simple and effective.

It’s ‘plug and play’: Simply purchase a session and receive everything you need.

At only £175 per use, We-Q is a must have tool in the toolbox for team coaches