How Does We-Q Work?

1. Check your inbox for your confirmation email from We-Q

2. Click on “Create an account for your organisation” taking you to the We-Q website

3. Choose a name to complete the team name box. Click on “Proceed to Step 2”.

4. Enter your name and surname and click on “Create your new team now”

5. Enter the emails addresses of your participants, separated by a semicolon. E.g.;;

Note: If you are the survey administrator and wish to participate, you need to use a separate email address as participant than the one used as administrator.

6. You can click on “Send invitations now” or check the box to include your own custom message.

7. When you’ve finished, click on “Send invitations now” and We-Q will email them.

8. Refresh your screen to see who has been sent an invite, registered or completed the survey.

9. Click on the buttons to invite further users, resend an invite or delete a user;

10. To log back in to see the status of submissions, simply click on the link in your original email.

11. When you have at least 3 submissions and have decided it is time to close the survey, simply click on “View Results” to see them.

12. To start looking at the detailed results, click on the blue Highlights.

13. Adjust the size of your screen to optimise the results, including reviewing them on a TV screen or projector.

14. To scroll through forwards or backwards, click on “Previous” & “Next” and to go back to the summary refresh your web browser page.

15. To revisit your results online, click on the link in your invite or results email.

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