How to sell We-Q to your clients.

So you like the look of We-Q and would like to ‘sell it in’ to your client or team as part of a team development session?

We’ve summarised the key benefits to make it easy to convince even a sceptical client or team. We know they will want solid outcomes and a good use of time.

The good news is that we’ve designed things so that the use of We-Q will be compelling.

Why do teams love using We-Q?

We-Q is a simple and powerful diagnostic health check for teams.  It significantly enhances team development and effectiveness in the following ways:

  • Effective and relevant

We-Q instantly makes the invisible stuff of the group dynamic visible. It provides visual maps and numerical data on 20 aspects of the team’s ability to get things done and to thrive including soft (cultural) and hard (organisational) issues. Clear user interface highlights fascinating and actionable insights into what is working well and what needs attention.

  • Efficient use of team time

Quick and easy to complete with instantaneous results, enabling team time to be used efficiently and purposefully.

  • Actionable conversations

We-Q encourages teams to have actionable conversations to address the issues needed to take the team forward.

  • Trustworthy and accurate

Because the We-Q survey is anonymous, team members feel confident to give candid answers to sensitive questions. The level of honesty enables teams to tackle the big issues head on.

  • Simple and clear

Unlike over-complex survey tools, We-Q does one key thing and does it very well. There’s no leadership theory ‘padding’ or positioning, just clear results.

  • Inexpensive 

We-Q is very competitively priced and is purchased online with a credit card. We-Q can therefore become part of a regular team health check to monitor progress.

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