Simon Confino

Simon is the Founder of We-Q, and an experienced executive and team coach with a broad client base.

In a career spanning political research, the advertising industry, brand strategy and organisational psychology, Simon has developed a deep understanding of optimal team culture. He specialises in facilitating events and processes which significantly improve openness and trust whilst tackling the important performance issues.

His warm, challenging and insightful approach is valued, together with his ability to address the elephant in the room.


Varinder Dhaliwal

From Canada to Nigeria, France and the UK, Varinder has excelled at the obstacles that cross functional teams face when working collaboratively together. He has lead multi-national strategic planning, operations and project management groups across diverse industries and complex environments. Inspired by circular design principles and hands-on mentoring initiatives, he is focused on unleashing new sources of sustainable value.



We-Q is a close learning community of brilliant consultants, coaches and specialists who are expert in facilitating the process with you. They ensure you extract the maximum juice from the data. They also work with your team to enable them to rapidly self manage the process.


Jon Freeman

Inna Gardiner

Gary Pass

Chris Alder

Judith Allsop

Laurence Shorter

Marieke Wilcox

Geraldine Wood

Liz Rivers

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Roisin Robothan-Jones

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