What they say


I love the simplicity of the tool, the four categories, the clarity of the UI and how the results are displayed.

Frederic Laloux
Author of Reinventing Organizations


In a world needing more collaboration than competition, more innovative solutions than winning at all costs, the way that people work around a common purpose is becoming a core skill and a key organisational intelligence. We-Q is a first in giving us a dynamic tool that taps into and develops how well we are responding collaboratively to achieve better results, together.

Gina Hayden
Author of How to Become a Conscious Leader


The world is being rewired by digital technology, giving us an unprecedented opportunity to co-create exponential innovations that transform the world. The only thing in the way is that most of us have been trained to compete and not collaborate. We-Q helps to build much-needed new habits in collaboration to leverage the opportunities of the Digital Age.

Nick Jankel
Author Switch On, CEO Switch ON Worldwide



We-Q is genius.
It encapsulates what true and transformative genius usually is – the group mind not the individual's effort.
And it is such a quick and self-evident expression of this truism.
This will become part of our language – a new way to observe and sum up a collaborative way of working.

John Parkin
Author of 'F**k It', the ultimate spiritual way



We-Q listens, when we don't

Elana Yonah Rosen
Chief Advancement Officer Conscious Capitalism Inc USA


Our Clients


inSpiral foods


The We-Q Process has enabled a more authentic conversation throughout the business and has brought us closer together as a team. Whilst subtle energetically, the impact on morale and productivity has been huge and we are now gently nudging towards more collective ownership and responsibility for the entire team.


Dominik Schnell

Founder and Change Maker

Home Assistance UK


We-Q was a valuable tool during a critical period of change in the business. It provided a great benchmark for the team, offering a consistent and reliable means to encourage open and honest conversations in a safe environment and the ability to establish pinch points across business.

Susie Ward
General Manager

Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

fdf logo_passionate colour.jpg

We-Q is a clever and useful tool. It is a good way to get into powerful conversations and has set the mood for our discussions. We-Q is surprisingly good at generating honest conversations, and a great way to understand organisational barriers in the way.

We-Q is a very good diagnostic tool and extremely useful at measuring the pace of change. We have changed the way we run our meetings. People feel able to express themselves on the emotional stuff: being more open and transparent, and better able to understand organisational barriers in the way.

Ian Wright
Director General

Frederic Laloux