How to set-up a We-Q session

1. Check your inbox for your confirmation email from We-Q

2. Click on “Create an account for your organisation” taking you to the We-Q website

Session set-up 2.png

3. Choose a name to complete the team name box. Click on “Proceed to Step 2”.

Session set-up 3.png

4. Enter your name and surname and click on “Create your new team now”

Session set-up 4.png

5. Enter the emails addresses of your participants, separated by a semicolon. E.g.;;

Note: If you are the survey administrator and wish to participate, you need to use a separate email address as participant than the one used as administrator.

Session set-up 5.png

6. You can click on “Send invitations now” or check the box to include your own custom message.

Session set-up 6.png

7. When you’ve finished, click on “Send invitations now” and We-Q will email them.

Session set-up 7.png

8. Refresh your screen to see who has been sent an invite, registered or completed the survey.

Session set-up 8.png

9. Click on the buttons to invite further users, resend an invite or delete a user;

Session set-up 9.png

10. To log back in to see the status of submissions, simply click on the link in your original email.

11. When you have at least 3 submissions and have decided it is time to close the survey, simply click on “View Results” to see them.

Session set-up 11.png

12. To start looking at the detailed results, click on the blue Highlights.

Session set-up 12.png

13. Adjust the size of your screen to optimise the results, including reviewing them on a TV screen or projector.

14. To scroll through forwards or backwards, click on “Previous” & “Next” and to go back to the summary refresh your web browser page.

Session set-up 14.png

15. To revisit your results online, click on the link in your invite or results email.

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