How to have a great Me-Q Conversation!

Often we rush into meetings with our minds half way between where we were and where we need to be: present, calm and open. Being fully present, able to really listen and being our best creative selves is crucial to connecting, collaborating and fulfilling purpose.

Me-Q is a measure of your well being, energy and focus. Sharing this information goes well beyond “how was your weekend?” and attunes people to one another, rapidly creating the climate for an effective meeting.

Once you have completed the test and spent a moment reviewing the data, the facilitator should encourage everyone to put down their devices and briefly ‘check-in’ before getting on with the meeting agenda. This can be done as follows:


Individual Check In    

Take turns to talk about how you are and feeling. This is a good point to give any new, relevant personal or work related news to your colleagues. You may choose to use your score as a starting point: “I notice that my energy is much higher since we last met. That’s because….”

Group Patterns    

The facilitator might then choose to lead a short conversation about:

  • The patterns people are noticing, including shifts in score from previous meetings
  • Any questions or puzzles individuals have about each other’s check ins
  • If there is anything that needs to be clarified to enable a productive meeting to follow (i.e. the meeting purpose)


If the Me-Q individual check-ins have resulted in a deeper conversation, it is important for the facilitator to acknowledge and summarise before moving on to rest of the agenda.

Check Out    

At the end of the meeting, it can be useful share your individually reflections on how the session went and how you are leaving the meeting.

If you have any queries on getting the most out of the Me-Q, drop us a message. We love talking about it!