What exactly does We-Q measure?

High performing teams have a high We-Q. They have built a brilliant culture. They know where they are going, why and how they are going to get there. 

We-Q is a live barometer of the team’s collaborative intelligence. It measures 20 aspects of team dynamics bundled under four key ‘Pillars’:

1. Being Fully Myself
2. How We Behave
3. Getting Things Done
4. Doing the Right Thing

The questions highlight what team members really think and feel right here, right now.

What research is We-Q based on?

We-Q is a synthesis of established and cutting edge data and research into the world’s most effective team cultures.

We have a paper available for those who want to know more. Email us at alltogetherbrilliant@we-q.com

Can We-Q be made anonymous?

Yes it can. It is important that people build trust and safety in the group to talk honestly. We-Q data can feel quite exposing. In our experience once protocols around confidentiality are established, people are very happy to be seen and known by name!

To get the best from We-Q, the issues that arise sometimes need to be facilitated sensitively. You have a choice to either use your We-Q ‘Champion’ who we will skill build, or use us, or both. We are always available.

How do we handle difficult issues highlighted by the data?

We-Q is best used for any group which has a shared purpose. We-Q measures their ability to fulfill their objectives and thrive sustainably.

Leadership teams who meet Face to Face
Multi disciplinary project management teams
Teams within functional departments
Teams who operate internationally, across different time zones

What kind of team is it ideal for?

Yes it can. We-Q can be used as a simple measurement tool to provide new data to measure existing interventions. It slots into whatever else you are doing.

Can We-Q be used alongside my existing L&D tools and processes?

Yes you can. It is useful to have a We-Q Champion within your team to manage the process and we are always to help coach that person or broader team facilitation help from us should you need it.

Can we run We-Q ourselves?