Do I need training or accreditation to use We-Q?2020-05-29T12:54:11+01:00

No. We-Q for Teams is simple to use and interpret. No specialist training is needed to use it, although we are here to help. ‘How to’ guides are available.

What support is available to use We-Q?2020-05-29T12:54:05+01:00

We provide a series of downloadable links to help you to:

Email us: should you need any other support.

Can we run your team session?2020-05-29T12:55:27+01:00

Yes, we have a team of experienced consultants available to help you run your team event and utilise the value of We-Q for Teams.

Visit Our Team to see our consultants.

We-Q is the brainchild of a group of organisational consultants, coaches and businesspeople who recognise that ‘it’s all about the team’. We know from experience the primary importance building ‘Psychological Safety’ plays in teams being able to fulfil their purpose and thrive. We have built a ‘We-Q munity’ of consultants who are able to facilitate and run your team session over Zoom. Charges vary depending on the unique nature of each intervention.

To facilitate your team session, contact us:


What research is We-Q based on?2020-05-29T12:54:00+01:00

We-Q for Teams is a synthesis of established and cutting edge data and research into the world’s most effective team cultures including Lencioni, Laloux and Google’s Project Aristotle.

Read our research paper here.

What exactly does We-Q measure?2020-05-19T22:27:48+01:00

We-Q for Teams numerically measures 20 aspects of the team’s effectiveness and culture. Each member of the team anonymously completes the online survey which covers four key ‘pillars’:

1. Being Fully Myself: The extent to which people feel they can give of their best in this team

2. How We Behave: The measure of how group behaviours support or inhibit team effectiveness

3. Getting Things Done: The ability of the group to achieve results

4. Doing the Right Thing: The measure of alignment around shared values, meaning and purpose

What are the key benefits of We-Q?2020-05-29T12:53:51+01:00

We-Q for Teams is a simple and powerful diagnostic health check for teams.  It significantly enhances team development and effectiveness in the following ways:

We-Q for Teams instantly makes the invisible things in teams visible. It provides visual maps and numerical data on 20 aspects of the team’s ability to get things done and to thrive including soft (cultural) and hard (organisational) issues. Clear user interface highlights fascinating and actionable insights into what is working well and what needs attention.

  • Efficient use of coach and team time

Quick and easy to complete with instantaneous results, enabling team time to be used efficiently and purposefully.

  • Actionable conversations

We-Q for Teams encourages teams to have actionable conversations to address the issues needed to take the team forward.

  • Trustworthy and accurate

Because the survey is anonymous, team members feel confident to give candid answers to sensitive questions. The level of honesty enables teams to tackle the big issues head on.

  • Simple and clear

We-Q for Teams does one key thing and does it very well. There’s no leadership theory ‘padding’ or positioning, just clear results.

  • Inexpensive 

We-Q for Teams is competitively priced and purchased online with a credit / debit card. We-Q can therefore become part of a regular team health check to monitor progress.

Why is We-Q for Teams anonymous?2020-05-19T22:28:29+01:00

Teams thrive where there is ‘psychological safety’. Anonymity enables team members to fully express how they feel, leading to high quality conversations.

How do we handle difficult issues highlighted by the data?2020-05-19T22:28:57+01:00

The key to the effectiveness of We-Q for Teams lies in the conversations which follow the insights which the data reveals.  We provide a guide on how to interpret the data and exercises to respond to the insights. It’s a powerful tool and we recommend the survey is used as part of a team meeting facilitated by a coach or skilled team facilitator.  Feel free to use your own coach or contact us to deliver it for you:

What kind of team is it ideal for?2020-05-19T22:29:15+01:00

We-Q for Teams is for teams of between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 20 people.

Any team defined as having a shared purpose/task/objective can use it to measure their ability to achieve their aims.

Can the coach or facilitator complete the survey too?2020-05-29T12:55:55+01:00

Yes, this is an option provided when the survey is set-up.

How frequently should I use We-Q?2020-05-29T12:53:40+01:00

Every team benefits from regular kick back meetings to focus on the ‘We’ rather than the ‘IT’.

Our experience shows that every three months or so is ideal.

How do I set-up a team session?2020-06-16T20:39:47+01:00

Setting up a session is straightforward. See our step by step instructions here.

How do participants complete We-Q?2020-06-16T20:43:21+01:00

Completing We-Q for Teams can take less than 5 minutes. See our step by step guide here.

How do I facilitate a team development session with We-Q?2020-06-16T20:44:44+01:00

We-Q for Teams really adds to any team development session. Click here for ideas on how to use it with your team.