We-Q For Team Coaches

We-Q is a must for the team coach’s toolbox

  • Provides an overview of what’s working and what’s not in your team

  • Totally anonymous and confidential to ensure accuracy and honesty

  • Gathers online the team’s responses to the 20 dynamics of a team

  • Reviewable online and shareable in an insightful PDF report

  • A handbook provides you with the support & coaching tips to improve your team’s culture

  • No accreditation or training necessary

Purchase We-Q for Coaches : £175 Per Team

We-Q for Teams is founded on world class research & years of field experience

We know what makes teams thrive. Our tested and tried platform will provide the results you need

See what We-Q can do

Being fully myself

Arrive at work each day 100% you. Enjoy yourself, learn and grow, feel valued

How we behave

Discuss how to communicate effectively, build trust, and stick to agreements.

Getting things done

How to provide clear guidance on who is doing what, what resources they’ll have available to them, and how to make progress.

Doing the right thing

Understand which values are shared by diverse teams, and how you can work together to make the world a better place

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