As a team coach you will know that each of us is extraordinary. We are packed with talent and potential.

Yet, how much of themselves do your team members actually show?

The tragedy is that the vast majority of us don’t feel safe being fully ourselves in the teams we work within. We play safe, holding back so many of our gifts, feelings and instincts.

We give of our best when we feel fully accepted, even celebrated, for who we truly are and for the contribution we make. Psychological safety is the key.

Take action:

Raise awareness – Bring the issue to your next team meeting.

Diagnosis – Ask the team, ‘What holds you back from showing more of yourself here?’

Action – Agree what behaviours and actions the team will commit to, to encourage fuller expression and contribution.

Give it a go, you’ll be surprised how engaged people can be in the discussion and how much energy is released to improve team culture, performance and well being.