We-Q builds team confidence to tackle the
tough stuff


High performing teams trust one another, are open, honest and quickly address issues that are slowing progress. They regularly reflect on their ways of working.

Many teams lack the confidence, data and skills to have the tough conversations needed.

More focused, more effective team talk

We-Q shifts the emphasis from individual performance to how the group is functioning as a whole.

By measuring the highs and lows of the team’s performance culture a more robust and focused dialogue is possible.


How it works

We-Q is a confidential online diagnostic tool completed anonymously by team members, using laptop/phone, which measures 20 key aspects of team performance and well being.

The tool helps team members express what they feel but often struggle to articulate or even have the confidence to say.


The We-Q web app shows answers graphically so you can instantly see what's working and what's not

There's no AI or machine learning going on here, answers are displayed in their raw numerical format so teams can intuitively start discussing areas of misalignment. 

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We-Q believe 'We' rather than 'Me' cultures are the future

See how We-Q can help you to create a stronger 'We' culture in your team


How we behave

Discuss how to communicate effectively, build trust, and stick to agreements.


Being fully myself

Arrive at work each day 100% you. Enjoy yourself, learn and grow, feel valued!


Doing the right thing

Understand which values are shared by diverse teams, and how you can work together to make the world a better place.


Getting things done

How to provide clear guidance on who is doing what, what resources they'll have available to them, and how to make progress.


Creating team culture

Set actions between We-Q sessions to align the team with each other, and with purpose and meaning.