The team at We-Q know what it takes to hold a great team day and so we’ve developed the 10 Golden Rules for Brilliant Team Coaching. We’d love to share them with you so just hit download to get your free copy and join us in the We-Qmmunity!


 We-Q for Coaches builds confidence
to tackle the tough stuff


We-Q enables coaches to use their limited time with the team effectively - quickly getting to the root of the issues and giving more time for the coaching conversations that follow.

Real data from the team provides the framework and know-how to make a significant impact on group dynamics.

We-Q for Coaches is an online diagnostic tool completed confidentially by team members, using laptop/phone, measuring 20 key aspects of team performance and well-being.

The tool helps team members express what they feel but often struggle to articulate or even have the confidence to say.

How it works

More than just a diagnostic tool

We-Q builds on your core coaching capabilities by providing the tool and the support materials you need to deliver a great team development session - without the need for accreditation and training.


The coach invites team members to receive the survey

Each participant confidentially completes the online survey, working through the 20 targeted questions which are grouped in to 4 areas of team dynamics.


The We-Q web app graphically shows you instantly what's working and what's not

There's no AI or machine learning going on here, answers are displayed in their raw numerical format so teams can intuitively start discussing areas of alignment (strengths) and misalignment (development areas). 

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We-Q for Coaches is founded on research from leading thinkers including Lencioni, Laloux and Google’s Project Aristotle

Our influences come from a deeper understanding of the needs of people in work to feel at their best


Being fully myself

Arrive at work each day 100% you. Enjoy yourself, learn and grow, feel valued!

How we behave

Discuss how to communicate effectively, build trust, and stick to agreements.


Getting things done

How to provide clear guidance on who is doing what, what resources they'll have available to them, and how to make progress.


Doing the right thing

Understand which values are shared by diverse teams, and how you can work together to make the world a better place.